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Corporate Video Production: An Idea A Day: Day 13

December 15, 2011

Video Testimonial for Publications

Like so many other videos we have produced in the last few years, the one I am about to discuss happened as a footnote to the primary videotaping goal, yet ultimately has become a great tool in the box of information the client wants to market.

As discussed in yesterday’s blog, we videotaped this year’s annual Private Equity International (PEI) Investor Relations & Communications Forum (IRCF) held in New York. PEI is an independent worldwide financial information group focused on the alternative asset classes of private equity, real estate and infrastructure. In addition to organizing 24 important global conferences on topics related to PEI’s focus (like the IRCF), the organization publishes five internationally-recognized magazines and five news websites, manages extensive databases, and publishes more than 25 specialist books and directories.

The initial videotaping goal was to capture as much good footage of the event and  enough quotes from a number of participants discussing why they attend and how it stands out in the industry to produce a short video about the Forum. As the concept grew in pre-production, it was recognized that the interviewees could also discuss the value they get from subscribing to and reading PEI publications. Since there was little b-roll to use to embellish that story and complicated motion graphics were not on the agenda of this production, we ensured that we captured very succinct, thorough and articulate sound bites so that we could keep respondents’ faces on screen for most of the length of their sound bites without needing to cut minor speech insertions. We asked questions in a number of ways until we got the sound bites we wanted – in terms of content and transmission style. We made a simple motion graphic using pages of one of the organization’s magazines. Here is the final edited video:

In essence, this is a testimonial video applauding PEI’s outstanding publications. Just under one minute in length, the video stands a good chance of being watched by even the busiest of industry professionals who find it online. By separating out the message about the publications from the message about the conference, the viewer gets clear information about both subjects. And with impressive sound bites from known and respected thought leaders, PEI should be getting ready to increase its subscription base.


Corporate Video Production: An Idea A Day: Day 4

December 1, 2011

Testimonials have always been an important way to establish credibility. Their impact is greatly heightened when they are presented on video, giving viewers a chance to better evaluate speakers’ reliability by looking at them when they talk and listening to the tones in their voices.

But a testimonial video relating no more than general sentiments has little traction. Rather, it should ensure that the kudos expressed go to specific topics. What was the challenge that was solved? How was this company able to resolve it in a way that was particularly pleasing? Each experiential story will differ even if the subject company is the same, and it is the job of the interviewer to dig deeply enough to uncover the details that give weight to the comments and make them effective.

As a video producer, some of our clients retain us with the sole goal of creating testimonial videos. More often, however, we are called upon to produce a video on another topic, and as we become embroiled in the details, we recognize that opportunities exist to record, then later edit, short testimonial video web clips. This adds a lot of value to the client’s end product at a minimal cost: the extra videotaping is done when we are already present, and editing short video web clips, often focused only on the speaker and containing no more than a simple title card graphic, takes very little time (and therefore money) to produce.

The last few blogs in this column have focused on the video series V&V created for Infinity Info Systems, a CRM software service firm, which initially called us to videotape a customer event focused on the utilization of a particular software product, then to produce a “who we are” video (see Day 1 blog).

Additional video opportunities that became apparent during pre-production and field production led to the creation of a short video on Infinity’s core values (see Day 2 blog), the company’s expertise in the life sciences industry (see Day 3 blog), and a testimonial.

The testimonial was given by a customer of Infinity in the financial services industry. He talked about the challenge his company faced in running reporting  with the accumulation and storage of past, present and future investor data in various places. The challenge was solved by Infinity’s software and service CRM solutions, he says, which transformed the manual process into an efficient and accurate automatic one.

Given the respectability of the speaker, the genuineness of his comments, the fluidity of the sound bite, the details provided regarding the challenge he confronted, and the way Infinity is described as having found a solution that had a specific and beneficial outcome, the testimonial is a real winner. Whether a prospective customer is in the same or a different industry, if he or she identifies with the speaker’s CRM frustrations, this testimonial video web clip clarifies that a solution exists – and Infinity can deliver it.

When the video web clip is posted to youtube, we will update this blog to provide the link.

Corporate Video Production: An Idea A Day: Day 3

November 30, 2011

Recap of last two blogs in series illustrating different ways companies are using video:

Our corporate video production company Voices & Visions Productions was retained by Infinity Info Systems, a CRM software service firm, to videotape an annual customer event focused on the utilization of a particular software product, then to produce a “who we are” video. During pre-production, we recognized that the circumstances of the meeting were ripe for the production of additional videos, all of which could be shot on the same day during field production, minimizing costs.

In addition to the initial video and a subsequent one discussed in yesterday’s blog that highlighted Infinity’s core values,

several short video web clips were created (about 60 seconds per video), each addressing a different point that Infinity wants to share with various audiences. When the totality of this collection of video clips is posted on the Internet (currently only the “who we are” and “core values” videos have been uploaded), viewers will be treated to a well-rounded and very pleasing picture of the company.

In the clip that is the subject of today’s blog, the speaker is a senior account executive at Infinity. In contradistinction to the speaker in the first two videos – i.e., the CEO – this video enables a second corporate voice to be heard. This decision alone is of significance: When a tone or point is echoed in different individuals, the credibility of the subject (in this case, aspects of “about us”) is enhanced.

With respect to the substance of the speaker’s comments: She addresses a key company vertical in which she is engaged – life sciences — and simultaneously articulates aspects of the work most exciting to her. Whether a viewer is a prospective customer specifically in that (or a related) industry or someone learning about the company in a more general way, the video emits a sense of integration of information with enthusiasm that is attributed to Infinity, making it an attractive partner to any interested party.

The speaker tells the audience with a conviction that emanates from the expression in her eyes and the clear assertiveness of her words: “Part of the reason why focusing on the life sciences industry is so exciting for me personally is that at the end of the day we’re saving lives.” The comment and picture combination are priceless – and effective.

When Infinity posts the video on the web, we will update this blog.

Corporate Video Production:An Idea A Day: Day 2

November 29, 2011

In yesterday’s blog I talked about Infinity Info Systems, a client in the CRM software service industry, which began its foray into corporate video production with the idea of recording an annual customer event focused on the utilization of a particular software product. With several panels of speakers offering alternative menus of uses and a broad spectrum of attendees, the morning event offered good opportunities for highlighting Infinity’s strengths on video.

In the process of advance planning for videotaping (pre-production), it became clear that the diversity of folks who would be present in terms of corporations represented, as well as the continuation of the event in the afternoon at the company’s Manhattan headquarters a few blocks away, provided substance for creating corporate videos on more topics than initially envisioned.   Even better for Infinity, because the cameras would already be present in connection with capturing the event, no additional days of videotaping (and concomitant fees) would be charged.

Today, a couple of the corporate videos that had been unforeseen when the process began are now happily living on youtube.  One is focused on Infinity’s core values of respect for colleagues and customers, results for customers, trust, integrity, and commitment to community.

Running only one minute and six seconds in length, viewers of this core values video are treated to the positive attitude that runs through the company beginning with its CEO, Yacov Wrocherinsky, leaving an excellent impression that can only be good for business and prospective employee interest. And with the posting of several videos, Infinity’s website gains in the SEO department and ensures a high ranking of upbeat material like this.  Hard to imagine that it was off the radar until the brainstorming for the initial video started!


Corporate Video Production: An Idea A Day: Day 1

November 28, 2011

As video continues to overwhelm the written word in getting across information of all kinds, organizations are busy brainstorming creative ways of using this media. I thought it would be useful to write a series sharing a production-concept-a-day on which my corporate video production company has been working with clients over the past several months. Here is today’s:

Corporate Video Production: Marketing Goals

Every company has tailored messages to convey as well as a range of target audiences to whom to convey them. When different types of video messages are conceptualized in advance of recording, a range of relevant interviews and images can be compressed into fewer days on the field (and thus reduced costs), yielding several video end products.

As a recent example, Infinity Info Systems, a client in the CRM software service industry, sought to videotape an annual event where their customers utilizing a particular software product came together to learn from one another about various applications. The event provided an opportunity to get b-roll of panelists at the forefront of utilizing the software and interested audience members as well as interviews with key individuals that delved into points important to the company’s marketing efforts. Infinity wanted the edited video to be placed on its website ( to provide some background about the company and its services and to attract participants to future meetings.

Having the opportunity to be present amongst so many folks with a host of valuable and diverse messages, this initial video concept spun into five, samples of which will be rolled out in this blog the coming days.

The final version of the original video that we created utilized almost all of the relevant b-roll recorded and some basic graphics over the sound bites that unfolded in an organized and substantive way. That “Who We Are” video of just over three minutes is posted on Infinity’s “Our Company – Who We Are” page as well as youtube (, serving dual goals of educating potential customers and others about the company as well as increasing social engine optimization by giving prominence to significant video content.