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Corporate Video Production:An Idea A Day: Day 2

November 29, 2011

In yesterday’s blog I talked about Infinity Info Systems, a client in the CRM software service industry, which began its foray into corporate video production with the idea of recording an annual customer event focused on the utilization of a particular software product. With several panels of speakers offering alternative menus of uses and a broad spectrum of attendees, the morning event offered good opportunities for highlighting Infinity’s strengths on video.

In the process of advance planning for videotaping (pre-production), it became clear that the diversity of folks who would be present in terms of corporations represented, as well as the continuation of the event in the afternoon at the company’s Manhattan headquarters a few blocks away, provided substance for creating corporate videos on more topics than initially envisioned.   Even better for Infinity, because the cameras would already be present in connection with capturing the event, no additional days of videotaping (and concomitant fees) would be charged.

Today, a couple of the corporate videos that had been unforeseen when the process began are now happily living on youtube.  One is focused on Infinity’s core values of respect for colleagues and customers, results for customers, trust, integrity, and commitment to community.

Running only one minute and six seconds in length, viewers of this core values video are treated to the positive attitude that runs through the company beginning with its CEO, Yacov Wrocherinsky, leaving an excellent impression that can only be good for business and prospective employee interest. And with the posting of several videos, Infinity’s website gains in the SEO department and ensures a high ranking of upbeat material like this.  Hard to imagine that it was off the radar until the brainstorming for the initial video started!