Greening Video Production

going greenPhotographers generally crave the most innovative new cameras, and editors look to the next digital system that will process ever-increasing amounts of information at ever-faster speeds. I wear neither of those two professional hats (I’m the writer/producer in the group), but my wish list (read: “fantasy”) is for an eco-friendly camera and digital editing system.

Over the years we have found it a challenge to “green” our work, since our tools are generally made of plastic. Still, we struggle to find solutions, aided by innovations like making videos available online rather than in DVD format and using biodegradable DVD boxes when a client needs the end product tangibly in hand. Recently our Director of Operations Krystal Sancho made headway by diving into a project to digitize all the paperwork that has been collecting in files and drawers in our office over 15 years. V&V is aiming to be a paperless company in the coming months. Next step: Sustainable wood keyboards?

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