Video Production Tip: Proper Lighting

curt, photography, video production, lighting, voices and visions, corporate video production, professional video productionThis week’s video production tip comes from our Director of Photography, Curt:

Proper lighting is an often-overlooked aspect of production because cameras can be forgiving, but this separates home movies from professional videos. You need a location that’s correctly lit. Poor lighting techniques will result in a longer time in post-production and even then may not yield the appearance you are seeking. Occasionally I keep the cameras rolling as I’m setting up so I can see the interplay between the lighting and the images I’m creating as they develop. There are many books and other reference sources about lighting techniques. Do your homework!

Tune in later this week for an in-depth discussion on some key differences between amateur video and those produced by professional video companies.

See last week’s tip on business travel.

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3 Responses to “Video Production Tip: Proper Lighting”

  1. Photo Optimization Tip « Ellenfriedland's Blog Says:

    […] week for an in-depth discussion of photo optimization techniques. See last week’s tip on video production. Like this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  2. Gaffing Tape Says:

    Alot of the novice photog or videog folks overlook the importance of lighting. I think the main problem is they look at lighting enhancements to be corrected through editing… which is never the case. Correct lighting before the shot is so much more important.

    • Ellen Friedland Says:

      Agreed! Novice photographers also undervalue the importance of audio. A good editor can do some amazing things with poorly shot visuals and sound, but ultimately is limited to the raw material recorded. Thx for your comment!

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