Small Business Organization

We run two full-service video production companies from our offices in New Jersey and Los Angeles. One is a corporate video production company; the other is a nonprofit documentary production company, both of which come with unique sets of challenges. They are small businesses, requiring each of our dedicated team members to wear multiple hats on any given day.Voices and Visions, New Jersey Video Production, Organization, Small Business, New York Video Production, Corporate Video Production
It would be impossible to accomplish the multiplicity of responsibilities without the high level of organization that, in our office, begins with Krystal Sancho, our director of operations. “I like to prioritize by the week because the work is always changing,” she says. “That’s the thing about video production, it’s always exciting.” Ours is an industry in which each day brings new clients, stories, technologies, and challenges, the latter of which often require immediate attention. In this kind of environment, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Krystal has learned to manage the stress of constant change with these few tips: “Be patient. Communicate well. Believe that you will get the job done.”
Voices and Visions, New Jersey Video Production, Organization, Small Business, New York Video Production, Corporate Video ProductionOur senior producer, Ellen, always encourages her team to be open and forthcoming with any concerns or issues in the office. She firmly believes that a happy team is a productive team, and with the number of balls Ellen has in the air, she really doesn’t have room for an unproductive team. “There are a million jobs a producer does, so if you’re not completely organized, they begin to bleed together,” states Ellen, who encourages the members of her team to develop their own methods for effective organization. As for her, Ellen often keeps it old school, citing a pen and paper as her most important organizational tools. “I’m a list-maker,” she says. Curt Fissel, New Jersey Video Production, Small Business, Organization, New York Video Production, Corporate Video Production, Voices and Visions
Curt, as senior editor, makes lists too, but in a more modern way. These “lists 2.0” are of the hundreds of video files he manages for different projects. “You have to keep your files organized. You should keep your equipment organized, yes, but file management is paramount.” Curt is constantly juggling projects, an endeavor which requires super-organization. Says Curt, “We may have six projects going on at the same time, so if streams get crossed, it can really create a problem.” For a small business in an industry like ours, problems cost a lot, so organization is considered one of our most valuable resources.  

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