Creating Harmony in the Workplace

It’s been said that one can win more bees with honey, but in the case of workplace harmony, concerning oneself with the happiness of the team can be just as crucial to the bottom line. According to the Detroit Free Press, since October 2008, the stocks of public companies scoring in the top 10% in employee satisfaction outperformed the S&P’s 500 by 15.5%, but how did they do it?
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For Voices & Visions chief producer, Ellen Friedland, the key to a happy office begins with respect. “No job is more important than another job. All of them are parts of the whole and everyone needs to respect the work of others,” said Ellen. V&V is a small business and relies heavily on the production of a few staff members for the success of the company. She believes an employer can and must create an environment where people want to work. “That means an environment of understanding that the team is comprised of individuals who have personal lives that are important to them,” she said, also stressing the importance of injecting a little humor into the day-to-day operations.
Krystal Sancho, Director of Operations for Voices & Visions, rates happiness at the top of her list, stating, “It’s probably my number one thing: being happy at my job.” Krystal, who left her last workplace due to disharmony in the office, believes happiness plays a big role in how much effort people put in. “If you’re in an environment where you’re not being treated well, you’re just not going to work as hard,” she said.
Some jobs are more demanding than others. Chief editor Curt Fissel, who comes from a news background, is used to working under stress and has learned to cope with it well. “I always give 100%. Under stress, I work fine. I don’t like it, but I manage,” he said. Curt’s experience has made him empathetic toward those he oversees. “There’s nothing worse than having to deal with stress on top of having to manage multiple tasks,” he said, including that he knows how hard everyone on his team works. Curt says he tries to create the kind of atmosphere where people feel welcome and supported. Ellen mirrors this sentiment: “I think when people work in this kind of environment, they enjoy being here and they want to be a part of our team,” she said.
Small companies with fewer staff sometimes need employees to step outside of specific job descriptions and put on other hats for the benefit of the greater entity. Krystal says the genuine relationships formed at Voices & Visions makes her much more likely to help out on a night or weekend. “We consider ourselves a family here,” she said. “Ellen and Curt make us feel as comfortable here as clients who come in for meetings or editing sessions.” And that makes all the workplace difference.

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