The Streets of Philadelphia

As a true-blue-and-orange NY baseball fan, I am surprised to walk around the “streets of Philadelphia” and feel kinda like I’m in  — well — friendly territory?

Okay, okay, it is February 8, so obviously I am not at Citizens Bank Park, and the only time I will ever go there is when I can hold a broom on the third game of a series. And today, the day after the incredible NY Giants ticker tape parade, I see no green and white football jerseys wrapped around pedestrians’ bodies (even though Curt is hush, hush, swallow hard, say it, no don’t, in the name of honesty: an Eagles fan (gulp), having professionally videotaped them for the news for a number of years).

Nope. There are only two reasons (besides a sweep opportunity) that a committed Mets lover comes to Philadelphia. One is to see friends. The other is for business. I came here for both, albeit for less than a day.

When a meeting to discuss editing concepts for web videos for a previously prospective and now new client was set up at the corporation’s headquarters in downtown Philly, I decided to trek down there the night before and spend time with a close friend who’s a new immigrant to the city.

It helps that Cathy is working at the National Constitution Center, and her head was buzzing with exciting projects she is helping spearhead, including, as paragraph one’s foreshadowing hinted, an exhibit on Bruce Springsteen’s legendary career (February 17-September 3, 2012).

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National Constitution Center

And Cathy’s apartment, located in an adorable neighborhood with beautiful, old-fashioned row houses and yummy cafes, set a very welcoming stage.  Then there was the pleasant 2.5 mile walk I took from her home to downtown – no trains or subways needed like NY, no cars like NJ or LA.

philadelphia, NY Mets,  corporate video production, professional video, business video, new york video production company, marketing video

The Streets of Philadelphia

I don’t want to leave an impression of over-enthusiasm. I’m now on the Amtrak train heading back up to New York, looking forward to dinner in Manhattan with Lea from our office, my son Jared the Magician, and a close family friend.  Tomorrow Curt and I are off to our LA video production office, stopping en route to see my son Gabriel studying film at University of Colorado. Philadelphia is now in my rear view mirror, but probably not for too long since the process of producing web videos with this new client will be calling us back. So will Cathy; so will the “Streets of Philadelphia.”

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  1. HowardGutman Says:

    Flory’s Flame was inspirational, enjoyable, provacative- an impressive documentary.

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