Corporate Video Production: An Idea A Day: Day 5

Over the last several days I have detailed different types of corporate video productions that came out of one video initially envisioned by a CRM client to provide a “who we are” introduction from video captured at an annual customer event. We found that the extensiveness and nature of attendees provided material for three additional videos: a ‘core values” video, an employee video expressing enthusiasm about the nature of the work, and a testimonial video.

Now I am moving to videos we have created for nonprofits in the last few weeks, each of which presented unique challenges. The video I will address today was produced for a national organization. One of their members had ensured the realization of a mission abroad for which sparse video was shot, much of it not useable. The outcome of the trip was extremely positive on many levels, and the organization wanted to highlight its success at their annual fundraising gala in a film of three minutes or less. To complicate the task, we were asked to create the production only a little over two weeks or so before it needed to be screened at the event!

Despite the time and material constraints, we wanted to ensure that the video was more interesting than a narrator’s voice telling the audience what to think or a collection of sound bites without much additional context. After some brainstorming, we decided to focus on the four words that comprise the name of the organization, all of which are important descriptors of their mission. Our motion graphic artist created four separate slates, all opening with the organization’s logo, but in each, a different one of the four words popped out, providing the conceptual background to relevant sound bites that would follow for the next three-quarters of a minute (plus or minus). We then called together a handful of people who had participated in the mission, gathering them at one locale against a beautifully lit draped background, and we interviewed them in depth about the four topics we knew we would be highlighting. We also videotaped them interacting – encounters that were filled with warmth since they had all shared meaningful experiences on the trip together.

We pulled the best quotes and placed them appropriately behind the motion graphics leaders of each section. We used as much b-roll as we could muster from the footage shot on the trip and from the clips of the participants interacting the day we recorded them; with a dearth of choices from the former and a desire to touch emotions from the latter, we relied on slo-mo effects. We set all of this to relevant rights-free music, and voila! The final production told the story through the graphics and the sound bites, which were expressed with the kind of experiential passion that imparts genuineness. The three-minute film was a huge success at the gala and a source of pride to the participants and the organization.

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