Film Festival Fever

Since Delicious Peace Grows in a Ugandan Coffee Bean premiered at the IFC Center in New York last June the road has been paved with excitement. You can never be quite sure of how a film will do at festivals and with all the work and love that went into this film, the premiere was a very nervous and exciting moment for all of us. Right away, we had great success.

Delicious Peace was selected to appear at the prestigious Breckenridge Film Festival last summer, shortly after it premiered. It also won awards at the Bronzeville Festival in Chicago and at the New Jersey Film Festival. It wasn’t only the awards, but also seeing how well the film was received by audiences that really emboldened our resolve to bring this message of interfaith cooperation to the western world.

We were also proud to see it screened this past autumn at the United Nations Association Film Festival in Palo Alto, as well as festivals in Dallas and Cincinnati, among others. With all the success of 2010, we felt unstoppable. We could have never prepared for the surge in festivals 2011 would bring.

Imagine the excitement we felt, after returning from Uganda on a trip to screen the documentary for the farmers, to hear that Delicious Peace played to two SOLD OUT audiences at the very well respected Santa Barbara Film Festival. More than 900 attendees saw the story we have worked so hard to bring to the United States. It is truly humbling and quite emotional to know that people are embracing and sharing this story with such passion.

Then last week, as we prepared to leave for the Sedona Film Festival in Arizona followed immediately by the Peace on Earth Film Festival in Chicago, we were informed that Delicious Peace will show at the Vail Film Festival at the end of March! It’s the best problem to have, needing to be at so many festivals at the same time. We will show in Vail right after showing at the Gasparilla Film Festival in Tampa. Then, just this week, we were invited to screen at the Fort Myers Film Festival at the end of March and the Santa Cruz Film Festival in May. It looks like another busy year for Delicious Peace and for us too.

One Response to “Film Festival Fever”

  1. Rochelle Cashdan Says:

    The state of Guanajuato, Mexico where I live has one of the three biggest film festivals in the country. It is held half in San Miguel de Allende and half in the city of Guanajuato. I think you can google it as GIFF.

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