Video, Social Networks and Why You Should Care

As we all know, video is paramount to the success of new and established businesses alike. People expect to see a video of what you can do on your website, and they expect it to be good. A survey of professionals by Forbes concluded that 60% of people would watch a company’s video on its website before reading the text. Not surprising.

Slightly more surprising is the percentage of businesses surveyed by EMarketer who plan to increase spending for social media marketing: 57%. More than half executives surveyed plan to increase spending which should be enough to convince anyone that social networks are not a trend, but how marketing has evolved.

The question then becomes how to integrate video into your social media plan? The answers are varied.

The first, and possibly most obvious, answer is uploading videos to Facebook. Between 2009 and 2010 the percentage of videos viewed on Facebook rose a massive 1800%. Sure many of these videos are of babies laughing and people being physical harmed in questionably comical ways, but they are videos nonetheless. If your company has a Facebook page and that page does not have at least one video on it, you might be behind the curve.

Twitter, famous for its restrictive 140 character limit, can be a platform for video-sharing, albeit slightly more indirectly than Facebook. Since the site itself didn’t allow for video adding, user ingenuity had to take over! Thus born were TwitVid, Twiddeo, TwitLens and other similar applications. Any of these sites will “talk” to your twitter allowing you to easily upload and share videos instantly. If this is new and surprising to you, you might be behind the curve.

This “curve” of which I speak is a very subjective thing. From my point of view, any company who isn’t actively (and frequently) tweeting, blogging and posting new videos is behind the curve. I’m sure plenty of established businesses would disagree with me claiming they’ve been running a successful business for many years without social networking, so why start now?

It’s not a bad point, but I would be willing to make a friendly wager out of it. I’ll bet you the success of your business that if you don’t get started on Twitter and Linked In this year that you will regret it in five years. It isn’t because you’ll have failed in five years, but rather because everyone else will be on Twitter and Linked In and you, “established business,” will be left behind. I’d hate to see that happen, which is why I’m encouraging everyone to think, in addition to video, about incorporating social networking into your business/marketing plan. It isn’t that your business can’t do without it; it’s that your business shouldn’t do without it.

I offer this metaphor: If I refused to travel by air because I’d always traveled by train, I will still get to where I’m going, unfortunately many other people will get there first. Food for thought.

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