Advantageous Usage of Video: Alternative Energy Company

A recent article that appeared in the NY Times mentioned a report of the US Joint Forces Command warning that surplus oil could disappear by 2012 with massive dips in supply possible by 2015, ultimately leading to a downward spiraling recession and a host of other potentially devastating consequences.

V&V is personally aware of one fantastic solution to this catastrophe (among others that are also out there): Trenton Fuel Works, a company founded and headed by Princeton University physicist Dr. Stephen Paul, whose oil alternative is created from biomass (ie, anything with cellulite, such as cotton clothes, recycled paper, food waste, and much of the material we commonly call “waste”). The fuel can be used in car engines, to heat homes, and even as a cleansing agent or lubricant.

V&V has been working with Dr. Paul over several years, videotaping Trenton Fuel Works as it has grown from experiments in his house to production in a huge former Clean Air Act facility sprawling across four municipalities in Mercer County, NJ. With Paul’s new push for monies to take Trenton Fuel Works to its next stage, V&V used selected shots to create a fundraising video raising the specter of the global issue and the solution found in the company’s product. Dr. Paul is now taking this video on the road. Meantime, V&V maintains a large library of video shot for this project, which can be used in the future for a variety of purposes, including supporting materials for grant applications and ultimately possibly a documentary about the company’s development over time.

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