Video S-E-O

The old-fashioned stand-up comedians used to make light of naggers’ comments by imitating their words then tagging them with “shm” prefixes. Like:
“Did you take out the garbage?”
“Garbage shmarbage!”
And the audience response: “Hehehehe.” Happy.
The title of this blog can be read similarly, particularly if your native language is Portuguese or Polish and you tend to use “sh”s in place of “s”s. Video Sh-E-O. (Only missing the “m,” but I’m going to ignore that.)
The audience response, again, should be happy. Not because it’s funny, but because it’s effective.
I know: All these abbreviations are kind of annoying. Somewhere along the line they began to carry an air of assumed comprehension. The average person on the street is treated as a techie, at least on a linguistic level. And for those of us who prefer the substance of the material on our screens rather than the behind-the-scenes workings of our computer programs, this lingo gets in the way. Ughs instead of hehes.
Indeed, an entire industry seems to be springing up around conferences designed to explain the letters and their meanings when transposed in different formations. For a fee, anyone can listen to the super-techies talk so much about the possibilities offered by all these various arrangements that you can begin to feel like you are sitting in the middle of a Twitter page that just doesn’t stop tweeting.
If that’s your experience, I can relate: Personally, I think both social media and the barrage of nonstop technological information are frying my brain.
Yet I make an exception for SEO. It seems almost old-fashioned to me, like the comedians of my youth. I mean, it’s been around for several years now, no small feat in this dynamic electronic landscape.
For those not in the know, S-E-O is “search engine optimization,” i.e., on what page and how close to the top your company or organization or other type of information appears in a Google or other search engine search. There’s a whole science to this, involving a calculation that takes into account the particular words that are used on the website pages as well as the links to and from other sites. This optimization is not intended for the faint-hearted; best to consult with a master webmind. Whatever the cost, the rewards for appearance on page one are shmamazing.
And now SEO has migrated to video. Video S-E-O. In an article yesterday in the online Search Engine Watch analyzing Forrester Research findings, it was reported that properly submitted videos are 53 times more likely to result in a first page Google ranking than traditional SEO techniques. The reason for this effect is that the search engines look for a mix of content types. The presence of video, which is still less frequent than other types of content on websites, ensures more of a combination of media, and thereby ranks video pages higher. But for successful video SEO, the videos themselves must be submitted, not only the pages where they are housed or their Youtube addresses.
I’m on the verge of losing myself – and maybe you — in my pseudo-techno-speak. Here’s where I veer off course to my brilliant web designer and technician team, Creative Web. But as I give John and Jorge the video content that will fill the pages of our website-under-reconstruction, at least I know of one abbreviation to ask them about: Video S-E-O. Or as the comedian might have said, “Video shmideo.” I hope to laugh all the way to the top of the Google listing.
And I hope many others will join us on the ride.

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