Compilations of LinkedIn Responses to Video-Related Questions

I’ve reviewed a bunch of questions related to video production asked in recent weeks by me and others on LinkedIn , then sorted through the avalanche of responses (not mine!) to compile some interesting and diverse experiences and ideas listed here. Hope it provides some video-snacks for thought!

1. What is the role of online video in successful business development?

  • “Someone came to my LinkedIn page, saw my video mentioned on my WordPress App and hired me to create their business plan.”
  • “The video is something that both customers and prospects use (analysis shows at least a couple of downloads a week).”
  • “We have done and seen a lot of A/B testing and there is a huge difference in conversion rates – the site with the video kicks butt!”
  • “I spoke with a client (an attorney) we made a video for a year ago. He says it’s been incredible for his business, and it’s really this simple: he says every single client who has paid him money in the last year has seen his video, every single one. So by the time they’re in his office, they’re already nearly convinced to hire him. Why? They’ve already met him in his video. They know what they’re getting before they ever meet.”
  • “ I created a video testimonial for a Realtor, which can be seen on his home page, and he tells me the response has been significant. He has had enquiries based upon seeing the video and concluding that he is straight up and trustworthy.”

2. What are some of the ways companies are using online video?

  • “I have used video on our company website … to complement the written messages already there. I have also incorporated the same video into online surveys and instructional aids.”
  • “We have a couple of videos on our site… put there to demonstrate the results of testing. It highlights … our equipment and demonstrates our commitment to the quality of the product and our service to the customer.”
  • “A video allows us to generate curiosity about a product or service in a short 20 or 30 second clip … and helps us do in a short period of time what would take a lot of words to do.
  • “Easily 40% of our new sites all have video functionality. We have just signed a deal to add video recaps of all of our site sections as video clips, so the text is spoken as well as readable.”

3. What are the efficacies of online video?

  • “With the dropping cost of video production – especially when you have simple motion graphics and interviews from within the company… it costs “about” the same to produce a small, simple (but effective) video as it does to produce an awesome looking print-ad which people just ignore.”
  • “Platforms … give insights into user engagement and behavior which you cannot get from an offline medium.”

4. How do you see the nature of the relationship between a video production company and its clients?

  • “Video production compan[ies]… are taking your ideas and concepts and forming them into something you can actually see. If you build a strong enough relationship with one firm, you don’t have to be as involved with each individual project because that company will know what you want the output to look like. This frees up your time and allows you to focus on other things.”
  • “My advice for any Marketing Director is to seek out a production company that can provide broadcast quality work without paying extra for traditional broadcast “norms” (unionized actors & crews, time definite music licenses etc.) all which are unneeded in the online world.”
  • “Our pieces were designed to fit into our overall brand strategy (not just random one-offs), and getting the tone and look that complements the brand takes time – educating a production company as to our brand, and finding that precise tone & look takes a long time. So, once we got a videography provider that understood our brand and was able to film so that the pieces complemented the brand, we kept going back.”
  • “I looked for a recommendation from somebody I trust, personal evaluation of their products for other clients, a first small try to test their turnaround times and concept comprehension and my gut feeling about the people I talked to and had to work with.”

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