Video Snacks on the Web; Video Dinner on the TV

I came across a great expression used by an analyst for E-Marketer (, a market research company focusing on trends on the web, media and emerging technologies. Citing a statistic by TubeMogul that in late 2008, 54% of viewers watched online video for up to only 60 seconds per clip, the E-Marketer analyst called video on the web a “haven” for “snack viewing.”

True that, at least that’s how it looks through our window. Studies show that the overwhelming majority of video screen time is still spent in front of the TV where viewers watch longer programs – the “dinnertime” of video, to continue the “snack” analogy. From a marketing perspective, this information suggests that sponsorship of programs or production of infomercials or commercials continue to have a lot of potential value, though the cost of production and broadcast can be quite high.

Not so with many online video “snacks.” Unless a clip of 60 seconds or less is multi-layered with motion graphics, animation, rights-protected music, actors, et al., it need not be expensive to videotape or edit. Often a single speaker, broken up with different angles of the headshot or covered with a few relevant and interesting images, will convey a message that gets gobbled up by snacksters. Indeed, the video may have already been shot for another purpose; careful combing of sound bites and background visual images of previously captured footage may reveal new cuts that produce additional tasty web clipsnacks.

These calorie-free treats are worthy of marketing consideration – both to view and to produce. Just don’t forget to bring a bottle of water to wash down the ideas!

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