The Proliferation of Video

I posted this in modified form today on the Voices & Visions Productions, Ltd. page of Facebook, interested to hear some reactions:

As a video production company serving the needs of our clients in the corporate and nonprofit spaces, we would like to know how businesses are thinking about the changing role of video in their marketing efforts. For instance, a few years ago one general promotional-type video, reproduced on a VHS tape until technology moved up to DVDs (milestones ahead, other than the +R, -R debacle), might have done the trick for several purposes; today, many firms are opting for a series of short and diverse videos that get re-edited with frequency. Just a short while ago we suggested “web clips” as a separate video application; today, that term has multiple meanings since the clips can be presented on an array of Internet platforms (website, youtube, linkedin, facebook — to name a few) not to mention multimedia end formats (web clips, DVDs, power points, podcasts, etc.)
There are so many options to consider even by our standards, sitting in the middle of the business — we imagine that the utilization of video must seem quite overwhelming to folks focusing on the substance of their businesses yet who know they need to somehow use it as a key tool in the box.

We wondered what people are thinking about regarding this issue: whether the choices do feel overwhelming, and what business plans are being created to integrate video in the near future?

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